All the little need to know extras

What is a macaron?

A macaron consists of two delicate sweet meringue based confections made from egg whites, caster and icing sugar, ground almonds and food colouring. These are sandwiched together with a filling of buttercream, curd or ganache. The macaron has distinguishing features of 'feet' around the bottom where it has risen and a smooth colourful top. 

What is a macaroon?

A macaroon is a haystack looking biscuit made with desiccated coconut and honey. They are not colourful and do not have feet. They also won't be winning any beauty competitions anytime soon, unlike the macaron!

What is it like to eat a macaron?

As you bite into the shell of one of our macarons, the crisp yet delicate outer shell gives way to a much softer chewy centre incorporated with a silk like smooth ganache filling bursting with flavour. The whole effect is rather pleasurable and moreish we find. 

What is the allergy info?

Macarons are naturally gluten free as ground almonds are used instead of flour which gives them their delicate chewy consistency. This does however mean that they contain nuts. Macaron fillings are usually all dairy based using butters and creams. 

Are they full of sugar and calorific?

We won't lie to you, they do contain sugars as they are a sweet confectionary. Calorie wise however, they have quarter the amount of calories to one cupcake- Meaning you can have four of them before you need to start feeling guilty!

What is the best way to store them?

Macarons are best eaten straight away, depends how strong your will power is! If it is very strong, keep them in an airtight container in the fridge for one week or in the freezer for one month. Always let them get to room temperature before eating. 

Tell me about delivery...

Because all of our macarons are freshly made for delivery they are naturally very delicate. We endeavour to keep them as safe as possible on their journey to you by wrapping the box in bubble wrap and a re-freezable ice pack. We offer signed for delivery, 24 hour tracked special delivery or collection. 

We use Royal Mail, which ships Monday to Friday and could take up to 6pm the following day to arrive. Your order needs to be placed before 2pm. Someone needs to be in to sign for the parcel. 

If you would like to collect you need to let us know what day and time you will be calling. 

* Please note with covid, first class signed for is not guaranteed next day and is sometimes taking up to 5 days, if you want them for next day- please opt for 24 hour tracked.*

Do you post abroad?

We do not post abroad. We are a small family run company and pride ourselves on making sure our macarons taste and look their best. It would be a very long journey for them to travel overseas and we worry they would not be at their peak quality on arrival.